Environmental Health Officer Approved Training and Consultancy


Who approves our training?

All of ehcUK's training is approved and managed by qualified and experienced Environmental Health Officers (EHOs') 
Our team are members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Institute Of Licensing.  Between them they have a wealth of experience.

Will my local authority (Council) accept my training from ehcUK?

Yes, all of our training has been checked by local authority EHOs to ensure that they meet all current regulations, and good practice requirements. Meet our in-house Environmental Health Officer Team (EHOs) here

We know how important it is for businesses to apply best practice when it comes to food hygiene, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Risk Assessments etc..., this is why we work alongside our qualified EHOs who have many years of experience auditing, inspecting and providing guidance, to ensure all of our courses and consultancy are the most up to date for legal compliance and regulations. 

Unlike other providers we care about our local businesses and communities. Offering up to date training and consultancy for when you need it, in a clear and no nonsense way. 

Will you be able to provide me up to date advice about my business?

Yes, we work hard with our customers to make sure that you get what you need for your business. As we care about you succeeding, growing and developing your business. We provide many different types of consultancy services such as Pre-inspection, Pre-application, Food Hygiene ratings, Health & Safety and many more. We work with you to tailor our advice and guidance to provide a bespoke service. 

Do you provide packs to support my business?

Yes, we provide up to date packs for Animal Welfare, Safer Food Better Business and Licensing. All can be tailored to your business needs. 

Want to know more about our team?

Meet the team

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