Our Environmental Health Officers (EHOs)

We are pleased to introduce you to our in-house team of Environmental Health Officers. 


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Andy Dawson






Andy Dawson - Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner 

Andy is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health with in excess of 30 years professional practice experience.
For the last 5 years he has been the team leader for the food, health & safety team at South Holland D C.

Andy has gained the respect of both the food industry and the Food Standards Agency and his expertise has been used as part of food incidents and in shaping new national policy.

His background is the meat industry and is from a traditional family butchery business he has spent many years assisting these types of business particularly with food safety management systems. He is also a qualified meat/poultry meat inspector.

Andy has worked with the large manufacturing industry for many years and has knowledge of high risk processes, HACCP and thermal processing.
In addition he been responsible for all premises which require specific approval under (EC) 853/2004 legislation.

He has also been a registered trainer for over 20 years and finds this work very rewarding.

Craig Fowler





Craig Fowler  - Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner

Craig is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner with in excess of 20 years of professional practice experience.
He has a number of years of experience of being the lead officer for food, Health & Safety, infectious disease and Licensing.

He is well respected for his business and customer friendly approach and is driven by his desire for high levels of performance and to build very strong customer relationships.

Craig has a number of years experience and qualifications in regulating food manufacturing and high risk processes, HACCP and thermal processing. Craig has been involved in a number of national food incidents to help provide advise and support to the business's.

He is a qualified Lead Auditor, Veterinary Auxiliary and has been a registered trainer for in excess of 18 years.

Sue Armour in a mine

Sue Armour  - Environmental Protection Officer

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