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How much does this service cost?

Please call us to discuss your individual requirements

Who is it for?

This service is for anyone considering setting up a business that will involve the sale of alcohol, late night food and drink or provision of entertainment or those wishing to make changes to their licence.

Our associates are expert licensing officers who can help, support and guide you to make sure you application has the most chance of success. They can also help coach and support you so that the application is tailored to your business needs and your staff fully understand and are able to effectively manage any conditions or restrictions imposed.

What does it cover?


  • Alcohol and entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Animal Welfare
  • Street trading consents
  • Scrap metal dealers licence
  • Sex establishment 
  • Pre-application advice which can include:
    • Completing application forms
    • Appropriate conditions assessment with Environmental Health Officers/Licensing Officers
    • Drawing up plans to accompany the application in accordance with the relevant regulations
    • Nominating an appropriate designated premises supervisor
    • Completing the statutory notices and advertisements
    • Noise transmission to neighbouring properties
    • On-site visit(s) compliance of regulations and statutory notices display

Please contact us to discuss the options in further details. Tel: 0800 689 3512 or email

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