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LEARN AND QUALIFY FROM HOME - Turn home working into home learning and qualifying! 

Our digital portfolio can help keep you and your colleagues safe and focused during the COVID-19 crisis. What makes our training courses unique, is that they are all tried, tested by our in-house Environmental Health Officers (EHO). We can offer learners, even those in isolation, our complete 3 step Remote Qualify suite.

The 3 step 'Remote Qualify' suite

  1. E-learning - study award-winning e-learning in your own home.
  2. E-assessment - officially regulated assessments on your own PC.
  3. Remote online invigilation - regulated exams at your own convenience.

Features and benefits

  • Learn and qualify from home, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances
  • Continue with your learning and upskilling without interruption from COVID-19
  • Regulated exam conditions set out by Ofqual, in your own home

What you will need:

  • Isolate area
  • Computer
  • Smart phone
  • Webcam
  • Identification

Setting up is easy The whole process takes just 5 minutes, with our expert staff on hand to support.

We can keep your learning on track! Supporting your business through CORONAVIRUS


Information about our online e-learning Level 1, 2 and 3 food hygiene courses.
This is ideal for anyone wishing to apply for a Personal Licence, which is an award for personal licence holders (APLH), to sell alcohol at a licensed premises.
We offer a Level 1 and 2 Health and Safety e-learning which are ideal for tailoring your training around work. Our online courses are also great introductions to health and safety in the workplace.

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