Protect your customers and your reputation from Allergens

Written by Rebecca Carnemolla


Protect your customers and your reputation from Allergens

Allergens are a hot topic this autumn! With so many businesses being scrutinised on their cross contamination and not correctly labelling their ingredients. How does any business protect their reputation and their customers?

We talk to Craig Fowler our Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner at ehc UK with over 20 years' experience in the food hygiene and Health & Safety industry.

"Breckland and South Holland Council are urging all food businesses to make sure that they have adequate allergen management procedures in place. Getting it wrong can have fatal consequences and could destroy a businesses reputation and trust immediately. All staff within the business should be trained or instructed on all allergen matters and the potential consequences."

He goes onto say "Businesses should be diligent and have robust procedures in place for segregation, prevention of cross contamination, adequate cleaning methods as well as labelling and/or clear internal and external communications."

If you need advice or training on allergens, we provide a number ofCourses to help businesses and staff, as well as. 

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